Our Process


Through our work with organizations and community leaders, Sequoia Collective helps fills the gaps between organizations and thier communities so that good intentions can turn into tangible impact.


Purposeful Place Strategies

Place matters. A building isn’t just a building, but an opportunity to meet the needs of the city and contribute to the physical & social fabric of a community. We help organizations align their place strategies with their mission and values to see wholistic impact in their communities and organizations. 


Coalition Building

We work with clients to to build cross-sector collaborations that unite funders, nonprofits, governments, and the private sector to achieve large-scale impact and to solve social problems in powerful new ways. Check out a story of coalition building in Boston, MA here.

Social Impact Implementation

Every business and organization can play a critical role in addressing the world’s social and environmental challenges in ways that strengthen their competitive positioning and profitability. Sequoia Collective works with clients to develop ways to accelerate their impact within and outside their organizations from strategy to measurable implementation & impact.


Organizational Change

We help clients align their strategy and operations when changes occur in the logistical, manufacturing, or corporate structure to move toward ethical environmental and social impact.

Stakeholder  Engagement

Engaging community partners, from clients to city representatives and community groups, increases opportunities for local impact. We partner with clients on strategies for engaging the community through facilitation and dialogue, user research, and events and convenings.


Program Development

Sequoia Collective's program development process begins with the end in mind. We work with organizations and leaders on identifying and clarifying desired outcomes, and from there design the program, system, or structure to achieve successful outcome while continually developing evaluative systems along the way.